Every day, CellSonicVIPP is reversing Type2 Diabetes and healing chronic diabetic ulcers.

The consequences for World health are enormous. Non- invasive tissue regeneration – without side effects – is avoiding the need for amputation.

The risks of blindness and heart disease associated with Type2 Diabetes are being lifted. CellSonicVIPP represents a true medical revolution.

“Our technology is unique and hugely successful. We out-strip our rivals because of our refined, patented and intellectually protected balance of electronics, metallurgy and chemistry.”

Musculoskeletal Repair / Soft Tissue Repair

Treatment with CellSonicVIPP helps muscles use less energy to deliver more power and is being used today in the world of international sport.

It’s a highly effective supplement to any training or physio regime.

-Volleyball players are jumping higher.
-Golfers are hitting the ball further.
-No drugs are used and there are no side effects.
-The potential to open up new sports’ market here is enormous.

But our next step is to treat the weak to help people recover the strength they have lost.

And there’s pain relief. We’ve had remarkable results treating lower back pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder and Morton’s Neuroma.

How Very Intense Pressure Pulse Targets Cellulite

Our pressure pulses stimulate collagen fibres to strengthen and thicken.

This means the connective tissue and fat that protrudes under the surface of the skin causing the dimpling effect is given less room and the “orange peel” look is improved. The skin becomes smoother and firmer.

CellSonicVIPP tackles cellulite by encouraging the body to deal with the problem internally without drugs, side effects, bruising or soreness.

The effects are long-lasting and the results continue to improve, even after the recommended course of six treatments.
Because the body is being stimulated to repair itself on the inside, it takes about three months for the full effects to be fully appreciated on the outside.

Equine Treatments

CellSonicVIPP has taken the traditional old ESWT technology to new levels with remarkable results.

Even horses that were diagnosed as lame to return the track

In one particular case, “Garland”- a racehorse in New Zealand, has now not only returned to racing but is winning races. The punters are astonished. But it’s not an equine miracle, it’s CellSonicVIPP legal non- invasive, drug-free healing.

The business and investment potential among the racing fraternity should not be under-estimated.

This treatment can be applied in veterinary practices for dogs as well.

Vision and Goals

One of the keys to our success is non-invasion, pain free treatment. We are therefore working to reduce the need for anaesthesia, drugs, medication and consumables such as tapes and bandages.

We will continue with research to improve and develop existing cost-effective treatments.

We will increase our manufacturing potential meet increasing demand.
We will continue our consultations and marketing with the medical and beauty industries to place CellSonicVIPP as their first choice of treatment.

We will always support our business partners and encourage feedback.

Focused on Excellence

Medically and Scientifically Proven Technology

Curing Non Healing Wounds, saving Limbs and Lives

Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Repair

Restoring mobility to all joints and strengthening with increased performance.

Veterinary and Equine Treatments

Quick repair of damaged tissue, reducing recovery time and treatment costs for our four legged Friends

No Drugs, No Anaesthesia, No Side Effects

This Non Invasive technology encourages the body to repair itself.

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