It’s hard to believe that there was a time a time when X-Rays, Diagnostic Ultrasound and even MRI Scanners were treated with suspicion and even hostility.

They were too good to be true…..surely they couldn’t possibly live up to the developers’ claims?

Today of course, we appreciate their capabilities and take them very much for granted. We can no longer live without them – literally in some cases.

And CellSonicVIPP will soon join their exalted ranks.

We fully realise that’s an extremely bold statement. We also fully realise that without evidence and clinical justification it would be foolhardy and give millions of patient’s false hope.

But we have evidence. We have clinical justification. And we are not foolhardy.

CellSonicVIPP is a non-invasive machine that heals wounds – including diabetic ulcers – and reduces pain without the need for anaesthetics or drugs.

It’s in use throughout the world with published papers and glowing independent references from the medical profession.

It’s now our intention to make it a necessity to hospitals and clinics the UK, USA and beyond.

CellSonicVIPP’s development, patent, trials, successes and manufacturing capabilities are all complete. It’s time now for millions of patients to benefit from our medical revolution. It really isn’t too good to be true. It’s a healing reality.

CellSonicVIPP’s unrivalled success is based on lithotripter technology. Lithotripters were developed forty years ago to crack kidney stones with sound waves. But their true potential was never realised.

We have developed their accepted and extremely successful medical science with the addition of pressure pulses.  They are projected into the body via a probe similar to those used on mums in pregnancy ultrasounds.

Patients can hear the machine click four times a second. There is no pain, even though germs are being killed by being repeatedly stretched until they rupture. The body’s stem cells then go to work, healing the infected area.

Huge, gangrenous wounds have healed almost without scars. Amputations have been avoided.  The pulses lead to increased blood supply and the reinvigoration of nerves.

There are no side effects and no risks. It’s low-cost, non-invasive tissue regeneration currently being used by medical, dental, veterinary beauty and sports practitioners. The potential is as exciting as it is enormous.

In fact, research at a leading university into cancer-related applications are already well advanced.