A Genuinely Fantastic Opportunity for Investors to be a part of a life changing and potentially Life Saving System & Company…

Cellsonic Holdings believe this represents this investment opportunity as being part of a legacy whilst gaining significant return on investment…

For several months we have been working on a project to finance a major medical product with massively important health benefits for people with wounds that will not heal and sufferers of Type 1 diabetes who are facing the reality of amputation of a limb.Additionally we are providing a number of other health benefits for a broad spectrum of ailments, for example, providing a genuine therapy for Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow and several other soft tissue and musculoskeletal procedures, where the so called conventional methods are failing.Our technology is a proven alternative that will become “Option Number One” in the near future. Our business plan is structured and designed to ensure this happens. We have a duty of care to the global population to make them aware that this is a real alternative.

The fact remains, The Pharmaceutical and Drug manufacturing industry is based on generating huge profits and not at providing long lasting cure, additionally side effects are generally considered acceptable …How can this be right?

Our presentation to would-be investors is now ready and we have just started the funding operation.

Information for Investors

The Vipp“patented” technology has proved itself to do everything that it promised and more. It has been so successful that the Company cannot continue as it has just making to order. “The genie is out of the bottle”. The world is now witnessing, that there is “real genuine” alternative to proven dangerous drugs and the conventional methods of invasive surgery. We therefore see our VIPP system as a “Destructive Technology” to ensure that the so called failing conventional methods of treating a broad spectrum of patients globally continues to diminish as all of us search for a genuine alternative…. Well Cellsonic®Vipp is pleased to confirm. that alternative is now here and we intend to ensure that it is easily accessible to all

There is also the Beauty side of the product, providing outstanding and long lasting treatment of Cellulite;as you will probably be aware this subject alone has for many years been tainted in false promises and a continuous treatment programs/ and products that has offered very average results at inflated on-going costs to the client, this technology can demonstrate peace of mind in terms of results and costs.

The company has to be able to meet demand. Approvals are needed in America. European insurance companies frustrated by useless wound healing are begging the Company to comply with legal requirements so that they can grant reimbursement for CellSonic® treatments. The Company has to grow at an increased pace, due to demand.

Is this Relevant ?

We Believe it is!

We have known for many years that the Health Authorities of many jurisdictions are simply not meeting the needs and expectations of many suffering patients with wounds generally and certainly therefore not of non-healing wounds with emphasis being diabetic ulcers, and the Health Authorities still perceive Amputation as a cure ?? The following link relating to a UK parliamentary (House of Lords) dated 22/11/2017, clearly confirms this.


BBC Panorama, The Hidden Killer

Think for a moment of the ailments being treated and consider the global impact that we will be affecting: – Diabetic Ulceration (2014/2015 figures confirm that 135 amputations per week in the UK alone, this could be avoided massively, conservative estimates indicate that in excess of £5 Billion (and rising year on year), would be saved by the NHS upon implementation of this technology.



The benefits of CellSonic VIPP can now be enjoyed as a patient, client, distributor or an investor

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