Cellsonic and Bradford University (UK) joint venture

As part of our ongoing Research & Development, Cellsonic and Bradford University (UK) will continue to explore possible treatments for new ailments, with a firm emphasis and desire of prevention and ultimately cure where required.

Please see attached protocols in relation to a patient that was treated with CellSonicVIPP in 2016 for prostate cancer the outcome and results are clear to see. At this point, whilst we are very positive and optimistic about similar treatments, Cellsonic and partners are making no claims at this point.

All parties are continuing further clinical trials and the results will be published accordingly via our corporate web site www.http://cellsonicinvestorrelations.co.uk/.

Dr. Karim joins the Cyprus team


Cellsonic Holdings have been associated for many years with Dr Kariem Billal. He has been pioneering in his work and was instrumental in the treatment of Diabetics using the Cellsonic Holdings Technology. A massive 76% of patients treated showed a positive outcome. We strongly believe in his work and dedication and feel that before long this treatment will be offered globally.

Dr Kariem Billal Consultant Plastic Surgeon FRCS Board Member Plastic Surgeons CCST, MBChB B , MRCGP,UK
Dr Kariem
Offering a genuinely passionate approach to offering the very best in plastic surgery and Non-Invasive Aesthetics.
Globally recognised as an “Artist in Face procedures” Your Face is your passport!
He prides himself on his holistic approach to all his clients ensuring that the procedures are in their best interests as often other surgeons will see the financial and professional gain and professional status, with total disregard for the overall wellbeing of the patient/client.
Already in his few months in Cyprus he is proving to be a caring surgeon who is passionate about his work/profession and to gain and satisfaction of each patient. The Patient is King.

With over 35 years’ experience mainly in the uk, his dynamics are certainly global with particular emphasis being in Kuwait, Qatar Oman and the UAE.
Upon receiving the Presidents award as the best graduate at Medical School, he openly admits that whilst the surgical part of his work is his passion , he also feels equally passionate about ensuring his academic strengths are continuously advanced as he takes research and professional developments to heart and is always keen to look at alternatives and advancements that will benefit the patient.
As all of us are aware the changes in the Aesthetics and beauty arena are evolving at a daily/weekly rate and Kariem works tirelessly to ensure he is at the forefront, in not doing so he would perceive this as him failing the patient /client.

So what procedures can he provide?

Laser Face and body
Threads for Face
Face lift
Fat transfer
Body Contouring
Breast implant
Breast reduction
Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
Gluteal implant
Brazilian Butt
Ear repair auto- Plasty
Hair transplant
Dermatology treatment
Repair the complications of other doctors
Simple cheek
Eye Braw lift
Eye enlargement
And many other advanced technology procedures
Most of his invasive and non invasive procedures will also benefit from the use of Cellsonic as it is demonstrating positive results in terms of potential infection and faster recovery time where invasive treatment is applicable

Kariem always takes a consultative approach to the client , considering their desires for procedures and ensuring that the advise is offered with a practical application. His after care is continuous with suggestion of support and how you can maintain an overall healthy balance to nt only look your best m but to feel your best also.