April 2018

CellSonic Holdings is the parent company of a group of international sales distributors.

Each distributor – CellSonic Medical – for example is autonomous and until 2017 was responsible for its own Internet marketing and video production.

CellSonic Holdings wishes to make it clear that any claims made by such autonomous companies are not representative of the parent company.

We do not make claims which we cannot medically or clinically substantiate.

For example, clinical trials have shown that CellSonicVIPP will heal diabetic ulcers and help heal chronic wounds. Amputations have been avoided.

Similarly, patients with Type Two Diabetes have been able to stop medication after treatment with our technology combined with an eating and exercise plan.

University research is ongoing into the treatment of cancer cells.

Directors of CellSonic Holdings cannot be held responsible for unauthorisedclaims, marketing material including Internet films or representation to potential investors.


Jonathan Lassman, Finance Director, CellSonic Holdings

Mark A Eddison, Marketing Director, CellSonic Holdings

Dr.K  S Bilal, FRSC, MRCGP, MBChB, CABS, Medical Director, CellSonic Holdings


CellSonic Holdings Limited is a company incorporated and existing under the laws of the Government of British Virgin Islands under registration number 1864106.