Dr. Christian Busch
The senior physician for dermatology at the Pallas Clinic has just received his new therapeutic device, which is now available in Winterthur: The machine is called CellSonic VIPP®, and it uses a form of shock wave therapy to cure people. Dr.Busch used the device to collect and document extensive findings at the… Read More

Dr. Manu S. Menon
CellSonic is highly recommended.
“I have worked in medicine for more years than I care to admit, and have never before come across a means of healing without drugs or cutting that causes healing so easily and effectively.” Read More

Dr. Mahajan Pradeep
“With this incredible machine we are healing aches and pains that come to us after all other treatments elsewhere have failed. Our reputation rises and the number of patients increases…” Read More


Dr.Piotr Piotr Szadkowskin
We confirm the efficiency of the CellSonic VIPP medical machine.”The treatment of vascular ulcers exceeded our wildest expectations and even exceeded our expectations in therapy” Read More


Dr. Arjun Viegas
“A means of performing non-invasive surgery is a dream come true and this is what Cellsonic does” Read More


Dr. Joseph Chakroun
Best Results we’ve seen so far, unbelievable!
It seems that this technique can provide rapid and lasting analgesic effect by revascularization at the same time as improving bone healing necrotic effect.” Read More