We’re not saying that CellSonicVIPP can cure all ills. But what we do say is that non-invasive tissue regeneration can be hugely beneficial for a variety of conditions.

Each non-emergency treatment requires thorough patient consultation. Each condition may need different protocols.

CellSonicVIPP provides full supportive training.

Type 2 Diabetes

Dr Karim Billal, one of our medical team, is reversing Type 2 Diabetes by treating the pancreas with CellSonicVIPP.  His report shows a 76% success rate.

Dates-15th March 2014 to 30th June 2016

Patients’ ages ranged from 40 to 65 years old.

Two hundred and seventy three patients were selected who were non-insulin dependent diabetics; all were on tablet medication. Forty seven patients had existing cardiovascular complications.

All patients gave consent for three to six sessions of CellSonicVIPP treatments.

One hundred and seventy six patients who followed the recommended advice and improved. Thirty one partially improved but still took medication although in smaller doses.

Sixty six patients either rejected the treatments, were resistant or were highly advanced complicated cases. There were no side effects.

This has to be considered a preliminary study. We are planning to treat more patients /case studies, with longer follow up times and the opportunity to apply various protocols. Twenty¬nine (29) patients showed no signs of improvement after 6 sessions. The main reasons they did not improve were that they did not follow the dietary advice and exercise regularly. Management of diabetes is multi¬disciplinary.

Treatment of Chronic Ulcers

Dr. Christian Busch, Department of Dermatology, University of Tuebingen, Germany, has been treating patients with chronic ulcers at his clinic in Switzerland with remarkable positive results.  He has published a critical analysis of his work involving CellSonicVIPP in accordance with national ethical guidelines and the Declaration of Helsinki.

We visited Dr. Busch at his Swiss clinic.

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